Fishing lakes and Lagoons of Patagonia

Lake Argentino

Large lake bathing the coasts of the City of El Calafate. The ideal place for fishing is called Punta del Lago (End of the Lake). This is a large bay where rainbow trout and lake trout are caught (the latter are the great attraction due to their size). Its large shores are an invitation to explore. These waters have sediments called glacial milk, which give them a turquoise color. This place is quite windy, which makes fly-fishing hard. We recommend the use of a 6, 7 or 8 lines of the Teeny or S.T. kind, with large bright flies of the Woolly Bugger or Zonker type in purple or black with good combinations in red and yellow. We recommend the use of floating lines, as its shores are shallow and soft, without edges and with a rocky bed. Floating lines, and both nymphs and streamers, according to each day’s conditions, give very good results. Good catch guaranteed.
Location: 60 km from El Calafate towards the East..

Lake Roca

Small lake of transparent waters where specimens of various sizes are caught (rainbow and lake trout).
Its shores are an invitation to explore various spots in one day. It is located within the jurisdiction of the Los Glaciares National Park, at approximately 60 km West of the City of El Calafate. The strait joining it with Lake Argentino on its southern shore stands out. The crystal-clear waters get mixed with the muddy waters there. Other outstanding places are located in the surroundings of the campsite bearing the same name, amidst its rocky coasts.
These environments are ideal for fishing with #6 rods and Wet Tip lines (II or III) or rapid sinking lines for the deepest spots. The most usual flies are the black Woolly Bugger or the Bunnie kind from Nº 2 thru 6.
Here we have the possibility of searching for places where the wind is favorable. For fly-fishing, we recommend tackle #6 with sinking or floating lines using the classical streamers: Wooly Bugger, Zonker, Matuka, in black, olive, brown and nymphs such as big head Prince. In this lake, it is worth mentioning the great influence of the Perito Moreno Glacier in fishing as, when it closes down, the glacier forms a natural reservoir that usually reaches nine meters. This natural process provides lots of food for the trout dwelling there. Therefore, they do not eat the bait. Fishing is null when the lake is in this condition.
When the glacier breaks and the lake reaches regular levels, anglers should wait during two weeks after which they will find this place is the best fishery in the area. The waters become transparent and the trout, fat and strong after the good food and rest they had in the summer, are desperate to take any fly the anglers may present, putting up a spectacular fight and unique abundance. It is highly recommended for a good day of fishing in this lake.

Encadenadas Lagoons

A total of twelve lagoons were formed in craters of volcanic origin. They are joined by the meltdown of the Moro River. In the summer, they are isolated. There are plenty of crustaceans. That is why the trout dwelling in those places reach important sizes. As these spots are not easily accessed, fishing does not represent a kind of pressure. Accessed only by 4WD vehicles, it demands a great knowledge of the area. All efforts are worth in order to cast a fly in these waters as, according to our own experience, trout sizes range between 3.5 kilos to 8 kilos (rainbow trout). Thus, all the groups we have led have had their own personal record in these lakes and lagoons. It is recommended to use heavy 7/8 tackle, sinking and floating lines and important streamers.

Lake Strobel

This lake is very hard to access. Fishing here is significant and features similar characteristics to fishing in Encadenadas Lagoons. This lake occupies 11,000 hectares and has only one access, which is very hard to cross and leads to the cliffs. Then, a 50-minute hike along trails leads to the shores of the lake. Being physically fit is not essential but it is necessary to be healthy. In our opinion, this lake provides great satisfaction, as it has a large amount of rainbow trout weighing from 3 to 7 kilos. Smaller specimens are rare. It is hard to put into words the experience of fishing in this place. One has to go through it!!! The same tackle suggested for the Encadenadas Lagoons is recommended.

Lake del Desierto

This is a small lake. Rainbow trout of an average weight of 1 kilo, and sometimes specimens of 3, 4 or 5 kilos, may be caught here. Its waters are transparent. The unspoilt Patagonian Andean forest is a landscape where fishing does not represent a kind of pressure. There are some hidden lagoons in this area which offer good fishing. Knowledge of the area is necessary to find them and they are only reached on foot. The recommended tackle is #5/6, average sinking and floating lines and flies such as Rabbit and Patagonia Bugger. Fishing is amusing in this lake. A good amount of specimens may be caught in one day and it is a real pleasure to combine fishing with these landscapes.